IPod Nano (6th Generation) Stand

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In this Instructable, you will make a stand for your 6th Generation iPod Nano out of two sticky notes and four staples.

Let's get started.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

-two pieces of note paper

-stapler (with at least four staples)

Step 2: Video

In this step, you have the option of watching a video of me making the stand instead of reading the steps.

Step 3: Fold the Notes

In this step, you will fold the two notes.

Take one of your pieces of note paper and fold it in half, then fold it in half again (so it makes a small square).

Triangular Support
Take one of your pieces of note paper and fold it in half, then fold it in half again (so it makes a small square). Next, unfold the secondt fold, keeping the crease in the middle.
Now fold the feet for the support: using your iPod to measure, fold over one end of the note like in the picture. As shown in the video, you have to crease the second foot over where the first foot is so the two feet are the same length. Your final support should look like my last picture on this step.

Step 4: Staple It Together and Conclusion

In this step, you will staple the support and base together, completing the stand.

Start by making sure you have a firm crease on the top of the support triangle; the stand won't look good if you don't have one.
Next, clamp the back foot down to the base with your fingers. After it is firmly clamped, push the rest of the support triangle back over it so you have room to fit your stapler in there. Finally, staple down one side of the base, then readjust your fingers and staple the other side.
Now bend the support back to its normal position, and clamp the front foot down in its place. When you staple it down, make sure your staples are in the middle of the foot, and are even to each other. Just like you did with the other foot, staple one side, readjust your fingers, then staple the other side.
Congratulations, you have just made a stand for your iPod Nano 6th Generation out of two paper notes and four staples.

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