IPod Throne, a Lego Dock


Introduction: IPod Throne, a Lego Dock

Rather than go buy an expensive Apple dock, I decided that all i needed was an iPod cable holder positioned right beneath an iPod holder. So I built the iPod throne. The iPod sits in the top, and there is a sliding insert that will lock the iPod USB or Firewire cable into place. Simply feed the cable in through the bottom, insert the lock, connect the iPod, and set it down in the chair. If someone will donate an iTrip to me, I may add an iPod lego crown.

Step 1: Build It.

After gathering all of your legos, follow these steps. These are by no means the exact pieces required, even mine doesn't use anything close to this configuration, though the instructions contain the simplest way to build it. I have not tried this dock with anything other than the 4G 20GB color iPod, though I see no reason why any other iPods shouldn't work. The worst case is that slight modifications need to be made on the lip that keeps the iPod from slippng off, and the chair back to fit a different size.

Step 2: You're Done

If for any reason the pictures were unclear, here is the LDraw document I made of it. Simply download any LDraw viewer or editor and open it up. Then you can get a complete interactive 3D version that you can take apart step by step, or piece by piece.

I made this with Bricksmith, a Mac LDraw editor: http://bricksmith.sourceforge.net/

I am not reponsible for any injuries, mental illness, combustion, death, or any loss of property caused by this creation. If you are stupid enough to find a way to damage something or yourself with this simple lego creation, well, you deserve it.



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    I made it yesterday but I modified it. I added a drawer for the headphones.

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    Don't remember how many bricks wide, but the draw can come out, theres nothing stopping it. the inside bottom has all flat tiles to allow the draw to slide with ease. the handle is made of some technic pieces. at some point I can post some detailed pics. cant now ... im moving and can not find my camera.

    Hey dude! I made this, and I broke my nose! Or that coulda came from banging my head against the wall.... oh well. I made a dock, from 6 peices, and it works! If i find my huge tub of legos, im maaking this. faved.

    A virtual LEGO designer for Windows can be found at ldd.lego.com. It works on Macs too.

    Yeah, I looked over the exterior of your drawer and made one of my own. Took me ages to find all the flat tiles though. I've just got a huge-ass bin of LEGOs to rummage through.

    I like, just made it and added a Drawer for the headphones. Im going to make it wider ... there kinda smashed in there. Kewl stuff

    I wasted an hour making this and finding the goddamn pieces

    I'm going to use this idea to make a charger dock for my Game Boy Micro

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