IPod Touch Stand

Introduction: IPod Touch Stand

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This iPod touch stand is probably the easiest one there is.

Step 1: Shop

Before you do anything, you need to buy the set. I got mine at Walmart. But you could probably find them at Target or K-mart.

Step 2: Parts

Now you need to get your parts. You will need a fairly large platform, And nine large blocks.

Step 3: Starting to Build

Take 7 of your large blocks and put them together to make a very small tower. Put that on the platform.

Step 4: Almost Finished...

Your almost done! You just need your 2 other blocks. As shown in the photo, use the little tower as a guide. Look at the tower and go three pegs down. That's where your blocks are going to go. Leave Enough space in between the blocks.

Step 5: Done!

All you need to do is pop your iPod in and enjoy! You can put it in sideways, or right side up. Hope you love it And I'm coming up with more iPod products.

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    4 Discussions


    7 years ago

    Cool and easy! :)


    7 years ago

    Do you like it? I need to know if I should make another instructable