IPod Touch Viewing Stand



EZ Fast-n-EZ and my cost was $0.45

remove one short side of thinner plastic cover that came with iPod & cut a finger slot for EZ removal of iPod.

Step 1: GlueSticking

I used clear rubber tubing (3/8 ID /  1/2 OD)

A spacer will be needed for snug fit. I used wood, in hind sight I would have used a cut piece if tubing.

Step 2: Done

The wider 1/2 of case to be used as a cradle. Place it caddy-corner, and, wah-lah...done.

I came up with this so I can watch videos after aux in plugged into boom box or other player.
Slide out iPod and use the case to hold your USB charger cable & aux plug for players.
...Although, a rubber band or a small cable tie band is neededto keep closed case secure.



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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    not sure where the confusion comes from, I just glued rubber tubing in the case that came with iPod. (see pic step 2) The iPod slides between the 2 tubes so its held horizontally, and makes watching videos E-Z. The larger 1/2 of case is used as the base.  This way I can plug AUX plug from iPod to computer or  small boombox and have iPod held in case to watch the vids.