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Introduction: IPod Tripod Mount

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I like being able to make movies and take pictures with my iPod Touch. Who doesn't, with the amazing pixel quality?

Unfortunately, I was needing a stable iPod holder so I wouldn't have to hold it (shaky hands are the worst). Sure, there are other iPod holder designs for tripods, some here on instructables, but I was looking for something more universal and rugged (stability was my main concern, I like to make some pretty outdoorsy films and pictures).

So I decided to make my own. It uses a platform that regularly fits into my tripod stand and there is no modification to the actual tripod! By using a coat hanger, a universal tripod platform, and an iPod docking cable, you can make your own iPod Tripod Mount!

This will make a nice addition to your iPod and camera set!

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Step 1: Parts and Tools

Here are the parts you will need:

- Wire coat hanger
- iPod connector
- Tripod connector platform (comes standard on most inexpensive tripods)
- Electrical tape
- iPod

And here are the tools you will need:

- Drill (with a drill bit the size of your wire hanger)
- Pliers (I used needle-nosed) or screwdriver
- Pencil
- Ruler
- Hot glue gun and glue
- Superglue (optional, but it adds some stability)
- Something to cut wire and plastic with (not pictured)

Step 2: Working With the Platform

Ok, so the first step is to modify the tripod platform.

We need to somehow remove the screw and the little nodule that holds the camera. Then we can make a place to put in the iPod connector.

To do this:
1. Remove all of the rubber from the top part with pliers or a screwdriver.
2. Remove the little snap ring that is holding the screw in. I used the screwdriver and the needle nosed pliers to pop it out. Then it will come out. Also, the little spring nodule should just fall out.

You can then scrap everything besides the dock itself.

Step 3: Modifying the IPod Connector

There was a reason why I wanted to add the iPod connector to this Instructable. Simply put, it would add stability. Here, my connector is a really old one that I didn't need anymore. My new iPod came with a new one in perfect shape. "Out with the old, in with the new" as they say! Or in this case "Repurpose the old, add the new to your collection!" Plus the old one was falling apart.

Anyhow, to modify it:
1.  Take apart the iPod connector end. It may look a little different than the picture. Mine had little snaps that I just released with the screwdriver.

2.  Separate the wires from the connector mechanism. (I basically ripped it out. That took care of most of the leads) Make sure that none of the leads are touching each other!!!  It may cause a short!!!

3.  Put it back together (I put black electrical tape around it because I had to cut above snaps 2 and 3 and I coincidentally broke snaps 1 and 4. So those wouldn't have held it)

4. Cut the plastic housing to where it is a 1/2" long. This is from the top of the plastic cover to the cut. (You don't need to cut the connector if it's under a half and inch, some connectors are).

5. Fill the rest of the space with hot glue.

You can scrap the rest of the connector.

Step 4: Putting Together the Connector and the Platform

Now its time to put together the platform and the newly modified connector.

I cut a big hole in the platform for the connector. The hole was offset a bit to avoid the spot where the spring nodule was. Make sure you make it a tight fit so that it will help the connector stay secure. How did I make the hole, you may ask? I won't say on here from fear of shunning due to abuse of tools :0

Then I put the connector into the hole and secured it with some superglue (the superglue is optional but I like using it).

Step 5: Adding the Hanger

The wire hanger can now be bent into shape.

Clip a big piece off and bend it straight. The rest can be scrap. Then make two 90 degree angles towards the middle leaving quite some length on the ends. The distance of the space needs to be 7/8 of an inch. Make sure you are measuring from the middle of the wire!

Yet another mod needs to be made to the platform. Mark on the bottom four marks, two on each side (where they line up on opposite sides) 7/8ths of an inch apart. This is offset a bit so that the secure lever on the tripod can still work. Drill through everything two holes at the marks with the drill. This will be at about a middle hieght of the lower part of the platform.

Stick the hanger wire through the holes. Then fill up the rest of the bottom with hot glue gun glue.

Then I added some electrical tape for cosmetic appeal. I also added some strips of tape around the connector on the top. This will help the iPod sit better. In order for the iPod to sit flush on the platform completely,though,  I had to cut away a bit of the unlevel surface on the top of the platform.

Step 6: Bend the Hanger Wire

Now the hanger wire needs to be bent to where it can support the iPod. Basically, make it avoid the screen, go around to the back, and wrap around the top. You can bend it differently if you want.

This is the way I have it hooked up. I can just flex the left and right wire outwards to remove the iPod.

And there you have it! A fully functional iPod Tripod Mount!

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    2 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    hey, thanks for the recommendation but apparently the wire hanger is too weak for the iPad weight thnks anyway
    althou i'll work for my iphone, you know same size as ipod


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Oh, didn't think of that. If you do plan on making one for the iPad you might still want to go with the idea of using the iPod connector. Maybe you can use that so it will dock as well as adding some stability. Of course you can always have it laying down as an alternate to standing up like in this one.

    But hey, at least you could use it for your iPhone!