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Introduction: IPod Wall Mount

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My wife likes to watch something on her iPod before going to bed. To make it easier for her, I made this wall mount which allows her to slide the iPod out for charging.

Step 1: Prepare 4 Strips

Purchase a 3-foot corner guard from your local Lowe's (or any) hardware store. These are long, transparent pieces of plastic.
  1. Mark and cut the corner guard into 4 pieces of equal length longer than the iPod.
  2. Sand the ends of cut pieces.
  3. Burn the ends slightly to make them transparent.

Step 2: Mark & Cut 2 Strips

Lay one of the pieces flat and mark it with a sharpie by dragging. Cut it.

Step 3: Glue Short Pieces to Long Pieces

Glue the cut piece to one of the uncut pieces so that it resembles a u-channel using cyanoacrylate (crazy glue). Make sure the smaller piece is on top.

Step 4: Mark 4 Mounting Holes

In this step, cut out a square template out of paper and use it to mark corner ends with a sewing pin for drilling.

Step 5: Mount 2 Holders

Mount the bottom holder. Remember to use a level. Use the cut piece as a spacer when mounting the top piece.

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