Iboom-ipod Boombox

Introduction: Iboom-ipod Boombox

Warning. This instructable requires the use of high voltage outputs, demolition of many electrical objects and the use of many dangerous tools. Please do not attempt unless you have experience. (I am not liable for anything stupid you do)

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Step 1: Materials


-Cardboard box
-2 pairs of headphones (in ear and ear cover)
-1 sound sharing cable
-Sandpaper (100 c to 200 c)
-2 soccer cones
-Magic tape
-Spraypaint (if you wish to paint it)
-Some kind of amplification system for your headphones
-Speakers from old computer (optional)
-About 8 hours of your time

~Estimated Time and difficulty~

-About 8 to 10 hours

-Fairly easy, but can be hard at times

~Time needed for paint to dry~


Step 2: Deciding on the Size

Deciding on the size is easy now. You are finally comfortable with crafts (I hope so) and you should know all of the materials given. If not, just walk away and find yourself another site to mess with. Use this chart to help you figure out which size to go for.

~Large~7 =) and 3 =(
=(More costly
=(Hard to transport
=)Better sound
=)More authentic looking
=)Better ipod protection
=)Lasts longer
=)Better bassy sounds (Woofer)
=)Better high sounds (Tweeter)

~Small~5 =) and 5 =(
=(Risk of damaging ipod
=(Smaller space for electronics
=(No bassy sounds (Woofer)
=(Hard to cover with tape
=(Risk of damaging speakers and headphones
=(No high sounds (Tweeter)
=)Lightweight and portable
=)Best for parties outdoors
=)Absolutely no chance of any pests getting in
=)Can be painted by hand in extreme detail
=)Great looks

Step 3: Cardboard!

You now will need to open up the box and cut it so it is a flat peice of cardboard. Fold the box up and it should be this size. Ignore the size in the picture =D

Large-10"x20 1/2"x 6 1/2"


Step 4: Homemade Speakers

Now you must make the speakers. Easy? Sure it is. Just simply make two narrow cones from paper, about one to two inches long (depending on box size) and tape them. Tape your headphones to the open narrow ends and then tape the two short soccer cones to the wide end of the cones, kind of like in the diagram below.

Step 5: New Speakers for Your Collection (Not a Required Step)

Use the other pair of out ear headphones for the tweeter and bass. There is no room for this in the small version. Make two paper cones but don't use soccer cones. Make onecone long and skinny and one short and fat for more bass and more tweeter. This is going to require two more holes. Tape them in.

Step 6: Holes

Now you must measure for the holes. Measure how large the cones are and draw some lines in Sharpie around the cones. Trace your ipod. Now cut around the inside of the markings with scizzors. Sand down the Sharpie. Now cut according to the actual object. If you have a large ipod, cut the hole on top so there is room for the speakers.

Step 7: Guts

Now you must tape in all of the guts you just made. Tape in the speakers from the inside and tape in some plastic wrap for the ipod hole. Now that you have done that, plug in the ipod to the sharing jack, plug in your speakers and test it. It will not be loud so you might want to invest in a cheap amplification system for the headphones. This will cost about $5.00 or less otherwise you got ripped off big time.

Step 8: Tape It Up

Now tape up the outside of it but not the ipod part and then sand it down with progressivly finer grits of sandpaper.

Step 9: Poke It Up

Now poke small holes in it with a screwdriver or a sharp pencil. Only poke holes where the speakers are. Now test it out withthe cable that is in the next step.

Step 10: The Cable

This is the magic soundsharing cable.

Step 11: Finish

Now you are done so give yourself a hand and jam out. happy listening

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    The two 4 ohm speakers should be two 8 ohm types because when they are connected in parallel, the impedance (resistance) is halved, so if you did connect this up to a 4 ohm output of an ampilfier, it would more than likely blow the amplifier IC (because the two 4 ohm speakers together are 2 ohms).