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Ice cream sandwich cake may just be my new favorite dessert! They're cheap to make and really easy as long as you leave enough time to properly chill it. :D

How cheap you ask? I got supplies for three cakes for around $45. DANG. So much cheaper than going out and buying a teeny ice cream cake.

And with summer coming up fast, it's always good to have a new frozen desert to make! Ice cream sandwich cake is the perfect dessert for hot days. :)

P.S. Want a traditional Dairy Queen style ice cream cake? Here's my recipe for that!

Check out the video below to see how to build it, and have a look at the ingredients on the next step so you know you've got the right stuff:

Step 1: Ingredients + Tools

  • 12-15 ice cream sandwiches
  • Magic Shell in whatever flavors you like (using caramel and chocolate)
  • Cool Whip or other frosting of choice
  • wax paper
  • a large plate

And that's it! I've included links to the Magic Shell and Cool Whip for those of you not in the states. :)

I highly recommend using Cool Whip if you can get it - it just tastes more like a traditional ice cream cake.

Can't find Magic Shell? Check out Scoochmaroo's ible over how to make your own!

Step 2: Lay Down a Piece of Wax Paper First

Otherwise, the cookies will stick to the plate like crazy and when you go to cut it they won't budge. Lessons learned the hard way ;)

Step 3: Stack and Sauce

Lay down a first layer of sandwiches and pour a little of the Magic Shell over them. The Magic Shell is essentially the glue that keeps the cake together. :)

Stack the next layer the opposite way and cover with more Magic Shell. Keep stacking in alternating directions and topping with Magic Shell until it's tall enough for you!

Step 4: Chill

You will want to chill the cake until ice cream sandwiches are nice and solid! At least a half hour - more time if you can spare it. :)

Step 5: Frost

If you're using Cool Whip, put it in the fridge a couple hours before you'll frost - it'll make it easier to use. :)

Frost the whole cake generously - it should go pretty fast and easy if you chilled it before hand! If you notice the cookies are crumbling or the ice cream is smearing, pop it back in the freezer before continuing.

Step 6: Decorate and Chill Again

Once it's frosted, decorate as desired. I just drizzled more Magic Shell on top. :D

At this point, the longer you can chill the easier it will go cutting it. I suggest at least an hour or overnight if you can. :)

Step 7: Cut and Enjoy!

It's easiest to run a knife under very hot water and cut it right out of the freezer. :)

These cakes were a huge hit around the office! Please post a photo in the comments if you make one - I'd love to see it. :D



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17 Discussions


11 months ago

Looks like I’ll have to use up stuff in the freezer to make room for a ice cream sandwich cake. I’m SO going to do this for the next birthday party. Thanks!


4 years ago

i would love to make it. Thanks :)

Yes yes yes!! Looks delicious and so pretty and just a little dangerous ; ) *+*


4 years ago

Mmmmmm talk about an easy summer bday cake! Delicious!


4 years ago on Introduction

Just gained 10lbs reading this instructable. I am going to be in trouble this weekend. Absolutely going to make this. Thank you.


4 years ago on Introduction

This makes an amazing cake. You can also do it in a much larger scale in a glass baking dish and two layers of ice cream sandwiches. I made this for a work birthday party celebration and it was well liked.


4 years ago

Mouth watering recipe. Seriously! Presentation is neat too. Yummy!!! ;)


That is one great looking cake! I bet it was just as delicious. YUMMM!!!