Iced Vovo Made Better


The iced vovo isn't like I remembered (not that I'm claiming my memories are correct)  although it tastes OK the icing is quite hard. This is an attempt to improve it.

My friend Adele volunteered at the Melbourne Museum of Printing ; one of the things she enjoyed there was the warm 'scotch finger' biscuits for morning tea. That was my starting point


Step 1: Ingredients

'Strawberry Mallows' look like my memory of 'iced vovo', but I don't think they taste as good.
So the recipe is
Take one 'Iced vovo'
Take one 'Strawberry Mallow'
Sandwich the biscuits together

Step 2: "cooking"

Place the sandwich at the edge of the microwave plate.
Microwave for 15 seconds

Step 3: Finished

The marshmallow melts and the biscuit warms, the jam should be warm BUT maybe hot so be careful.
It's delicious.
When I first made this I always had them face to face. I now put the 'iced vovo' face up on the top.



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