Imperial Shotgun





Introduction: Imperial Shotgun

a strong knex shotgun that shoots solid block ammo.

pieces needed:

grey/white/48, long grey/2, blue/31, yellow/4, green/black/30, red/2


grey/red/20, light grey/8, yellow/39, green/6, white/snowflake/5, orange/1

Step 1: The Body

build from pics

Step 2: The Handle

build it from pics

Step 3: Stalk With Mini Scope

build from pics

Step 4: The Trigger

build from pics

Step 5: Add Rubber Bands to Trigger

slide rubber bands around the stalk and hook them in as done on pics

Step 6: Loading

pull back front rubber band and latch on top of the to top open holes on the trigger. then slide an ammo on so that the line of rubber band is in the two closest holes of the ammo. then pull the trigger and shoot it!!!

Step 7: Congrats Your Done

do shoot it!!!!!!!!!!!



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    not making cause i dont do rubber bands

    that is not a camaro ity is a 1973 lotus europa if you look at my page you can learn more about it



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