Impermeable Seat for Staying Out in the Wet Grass

Intro: Impermeable Seat for Staying Out in the Wet Grass

This HowTo is about create an impermeable seat to stay out in the wet grass from recycled materials. The idea comes from the scout troop experience, when you stay out into the wild f.

The materials required are:
- cotton webbing 130 cm
- recycled waterproof tissue (e.g. shower tent or a tablecloth)

The tools required are:
- sewing machine
- scissors
- tape measure
- a basic stapler machine (to help keeping togheter the whol thing while sewing)
- pliers (to remove staples when done)

Step 1: Prepare the Material

- cut a rectangle of 35x55 cm of the waterproof tissue
- cut a strip of 130-140 cm of webbing

Step 2: Prepare the Webbing

sew the extremities of the webbing to fix the tissue

Step 3:

fix the webbing to the waterproof tissue using the stapler machine (to help keeping togeter the whol thing while sewing)

Just take the middle of both as reference point

Step 4: Sewing

Fold the webbing from one extremity and sew the whole stuff using a zig-zag where there is the waterproof tissue.

Step 5:

Now you can test it...



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