Indian Flag Triplet

Introduction: Indian Flag Triplet

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Hi friends . are you proud to be an indian ? if yes then why not express your love towards india with a bracelet, because this is an indian flag triple bracelet . so lets get started .

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Step 1: Step 1 : Things Needed

you will need simple things .

1. rainbow loom

2. hook

3. S/C clip

4. 12 orange colour rubber bands

5. 22 white colour rubber bands [ 10 for step 2 and 12 for step 3 ]

6. 12 green colur rubber bands

7. 2 blue colour rubber bands [ for the ashok chakra ]

8. 7 rubber bands [ any colour ]

Step 2: Step 2 : Placing the Rubber Bands

1. from the extreme left row and start placing the orange rubber bands . make sure the arrows are not facing you. put the first rabber band from the first peg to the second peg . then place the second rubber band from the second peg to the third peg . continue till the end .

2. on the middle row start placing the white rubber bands in the same wayy as in point 1 . from the fifth peg when you will place the white rubber band to the sixth peg you will place the blue rubber band on thes ixth peg to the seventh and from seventh peg to the eighth peg . you can now place the white rubber bands till the end .

3. on the extreme right row start placing the green bands in the same way continue till end .

Step 3: Step 3 : Crossing

take the white rubber bands and skippin the first three pegs [as shown in figure 1 ] start placing the rubber bands horizontly making a triangle . continue till the end .

Step 4: Step 4 : Hooking

turn the rainbow loom so that the arrows are facing towards you . so lets start hooking . on the first peg of the left row take the rubber band from the below and place it on the second peg . then take the rubber band from below of the second peg and place it on the third peg . contnue till the end . repeat this method on both the rows .

Step 5: Step 5 : Prepration for Taking Off

at the end of all the three rows you will see the rubber bands are placed apart on the pegs . so lets put them together. take the rubber band of the left peg and place it on the middle peg . then take the rubber band of the right peg and place it in the middle peg .

Step 6: Step 6 : Taking It Off

for taking it off take a rubber band and hold it below the last peg on which you put the left and right pegs rubeer band. take the hook from inside that last peg and and attach that rubber band on the hook and reverse the hook out . be careful that your bracelet wont fell apart and start taking it off . with the hook inserted .

Step 7: Step 7 : Extention

the bracelet you made is not enough long for you so lets make it long . take that leftover 6 rubber bands and make and extention .

Step 8: Step 8 : Finish It

when you are done with your extention attach the both ends with S/C clip .

show others your I AM AN INDIAN bracelet .

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