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Introduction: Indoor Herb Garden

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This is a very fun project I thought of way back as a project for school. The assignment was to create a creative disign for a flower or herb garden. I used a cigar box (note that I dont smoke I am under 18 and that would be wierd) for the pot. my teacher found this very creative and gave me 30 out of 30 (whoohoo). as you can see in the image all of plants are dead, this resulted in a unexpected trip to Seattle (yay), but all my plant died (awww). This instructable has been created to let you use your own creativity to create your own plant project, not recreate my project. By this time your probably thinking "no I cant do it without you RastaMonkey". Yah I know thats why I am giving you a detailed list of instructions and tips to help you out.


Step 1: Stuff U Will Need

plants have lives just like us and they need the proper living envirornment to live and thrive in. to create this wonderfull plant land you will need to aquire the following items:
1.A pot of some sort, this is where your creativity comes in (I used a guitar box)
2. plants how ever many that you want (be sure that they all fit in the pot) get ones with growth instructions that you can actualy manage to follow ( if you live in greenland you want want some tropical plant)
4.plate or tinfoil for drainage IMPORTANT: if your pot does not have holes in the bottem or you dont make holes in the bottem your plants will die. the plates for the water to drain into.
5.awl or some thing that makes holes in things (this is if your pot does not already have hole in the bottem for water drainage).
6.sun and water (duh)
7. decorations (we will get into that later)

Step 2: The Pot

This is your time to shine :) use a really creative idea. There is nothing wrong with a normal pot though. Paint it for more artistry. you could use A shoe if you wanted. The choice is yours.

Step 3: The Plants

Use any kind o plants that you like. be aware of the growing conditions. I used chives, basil, parsley, and mint.

Step 4: Drainage

make sure your water can drain from your pot by pokeing holes in it with the awl.

Step 5: Put in the Plants

put the plants in with some soil. make sure that they all fit.

Step 6: Decorate YAY

use all of your creativity to decorate your project. use paint, objects even insects (like Lady bugs) to put some of YOU ito YOUR plant project.
I used a dragon flie, a wooden ostrich and some wire thing.

Step 7: Have Fun

Be sure to take care of it and use the (if you have herbs) in your dinner.
tip: if you pick of the tops of your herbs they will grow BIG.

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    6 years ago

    grow tht herb !! that good herb


    11 years ago on Introduction

    This looks pretty neat - any chance of getting a close-up photo with better lighting?


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    oh yah definatly the only problem is that my herbs kind of died when i took a trip up to seattle