Infinity Mirror




hi , this is my first instructables. i just got the idea from another instructables. and i build my own. hope you like it . and by the way check this link : this is the finish product. i just cant figure out how to upload this here at instructables. and thats why i dont have step by step. =D



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    To upload a video from youtube, click the Share button below the original youtube video. That'll give you a button to generate an html embed code. Copy it, then come back to the editor on Instructables. Find the "embed video" button in the Instructables editor, click it, paste your embed code, then have a video.

    I've unpublished your project to give you a chance to make changes. Once you've added the video, go ahead and republish. (You might consider explaining a bit more in your intro about infinity mirrors. What they are, why people might want to build one, etc.)