Innovative Touch Control Portable Wireless & Bluetooth Speaker

This portable wireless & Bluetooth speaker features a modern style housing case and delicate touch button control design, which makes it look quality feeling. With built in 1000mAh rechargeable battery let you play music continuously on the go or at home and office. Enough portability size design allow music lover to carry convenient on the go.

The portable wireless speaker has built in latest wireless technology to receive audio source from your Bluetooth enabled terminal device such as Smartphone, iPad, tablets, laptop, etc. high quality transmission without lose distortion make you enjoy real sound. This speaker is outfitted with 40mm*2 drive units, which deliver clear, rich, crispy tone, professional acoustic space design make device produce outstanding sound.

It comes with TF card slot and a standard USB port for charging, and also 3.5 mm aux in for exterior audio source input via the cable.

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