Instructables Robot Amigurumi


Introduction: Instructables Robot Amigurumi

 I love designing amigurumi patterns to crochet.  I came across this contest and as soon as I finished reading the rules knew I wanted to design an instructables amigurumi robot pattern to crochet up.

This not so little fella, is eleven inches from head to bolt feet and eighteen inches around the tummy.  He was made using nothing but yarn and stuffed with poly-fil.

It took me approximately six hours to create the pattern, four hours to crochet the pieces, and a day for sewing and letting the glue dry.  The hardest part was keeping the sketchbook look that I love so much about the instructables mascot.

I tried embroidery, but it didn't look right. So I started over and decided to use tacky glue for the string around the midsection, arms, and legs.

The hardest part was getting the robot's antennas to stick out straight. I dipped two pieces of black yarn in tacky glue and let them dry out to achieve the proper look.

I had a lot of fun designing this pattern and crocheting it up. Thanks for looking!



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    It's been two years, and I still want this pattern! I would make these all the time for people at work. :D

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    Hey!  The images are showing up in this slideshow.  Did you do anything differently?  Are the image files smaller here, perhaps?

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