Introduction: Ion_2017

ion_2017 is an all purpose action table by industrial designer ESTEBAN GABRIEL.

Built as a powder coated metal frame,with an Avonite Solid Surface that sinks into the frame.

The focus of the design is in the development of the metal legs. Which have been engineered out of sheet metal. By enabling nice radiuses on the edges and tapering it's bottom proportions the intention is to create a good quality/long lasting table that projects contemporary refined aesthetics.

How its made:

-First, the pattern for the legs gets laser cut out of a flat metal sheet.

-Then the flat metal pieces that make the leg, get fed into a press brake. The exterior piece of the leg, gets bend along the "y" axis (which is the length of the leg). While the inner piece of the leg, get's its top portion fed into the press break along the "x" axis.( which is the width of the leg).

-Once the pieces are bent, they get welded along it seams in order to get a voluminous leg.

-Then, the weld seams, get grinded and sand blasted in order to get a clean and seamless leg surface.

-When all four legs have pass through this steps, they get welded into a metal "L" bar to create the table's frame.

-After the frame is all welded, it gets powder coated in the desired color. In this case, white.

-The avonite solid surface sheet gets cut and inscribed on a cnc shopbot table.

-Then the top surface of the sheet get's sanded to the desired polished finish. So it can be sink into the metal frame.

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