Ipod Nano Dock (2nd Generation)

Introduction: Ipod Nano Dock (2nd Generation)

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In this instructable you will create an awesome ipod dock.
Some parts are optional.warning i am not liable for any pirated files downloaded through this dock.

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Step 1: Supplies

The picture has all the supplies you need.

Step 2: Build the Conector.

get two yellow conectors, and place tape on both of them as seen in the photo. after this place the dock connector inbetween the two pices. then add the four small rods.

the reason for this part is simple, i have built another knex ipod dock and you coudnt just put the pod down or pull the pod up, the connector was not secured at all, so my awnser, ducttape.

Step 3: Build the Back.

just build what is in the photo, one pic is a front image and the other is the back view.

Step 4: Build the Base.

build the base, again its two different views.

Step 5: Put It Together.

attach the base to the connector, and the connector to the back.
look at the photos

Step 6: You Are Now Done. Unless You Want the Extras.

to add the extras you will need to build this.

Step 7: Put the Rest of It Together.

follow the photos.

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    8 Discussions


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    The wheels are totally unnecesary, they act as rubber feet to prevent the dock from sliding.

    Flie-Ing GOOse
    Flie-Ing GOOse

    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    yh but just havin it without whels would make it more stable than with da wheels

    thankyou, if someone is dumb enough to sue over hot cofee an riaa mess should be an easy lawsuit. this is my first instructable, where is all my constructive criticsm?