PENDO: Pengionic Water Organizer - the Personal Gift.

Introduction: PENDO: Pengionic Water Organizer - the Personal Gift.

It's a pendo! He is a penguin who dispense water ...and does some other stuff. The unique personal gift who makes everyone happy.

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Step 1: It's a Pendo!

Pendo: 'Hello, I'm pendo: pronounced pen-do. Nice to meet you. I was made as a Christmas present for a girl, now I....-
- yes, obviously I'm not like you. Why? Well, obviously because I'm pendo!'

You: '...Yeah, right. And exactly what is a pendo?'

Pendo: 'A pendo is a pendo. Pendo stands for pendo. Pendo is what pendo was made for. If i am pendo, therefore I am pendo.'

You: '............................'

Pendo: 'I will tell you how I was made, it all began....-'
You: '- Short version, please?!'

Pendo: 'All right all right. A am pendo!'

pen - pengionic. because i am a penguin.
d - drink. because i'm capable of giving you something to drink.
o - organizer. because i organize things (pretty awesome, huh?).

...and because i am pendo, i will
- give you something to drink when you want me to.
- hold your notes on my belly (that sometimes tickles, hihi).
- hold a book for you, or a tablet with food.
- keep the things you like in my belly. (***yummy yummy yummy i got...cloths***, books and other stuff in my...***tummy***)
- be a guide for you when it is dark (my eyes have superpowers, you know).
and last but not least
- you can style my hair! awesome!


In this instructableyou will learn how to built an awesome gift for your loved ones. You will learn how to built a pendo.
Hut be careful, building a pendo comes with great responsibility. Such a gift must not be made for anyone!

Also, building a pendo can be quite complicated, see for yourself:

step 1: find someone you like.
step 2: built a pendo. ...or a tigerdo? a foxdo?? crocdo??????
step 3: be happy.

Actually it's all about step 2, for the rest I'm going to refer you to...well...I'm sure you manage the rest.


All drawings where made with autodesk inventor student edition. I'm going to upload the files on request.

- Have fun with this instructable and feel free to ask questions. :)

Step 2: Overview Steps.

What you need to do when building a pendo:

1 - 3 is woodwork:

1 - built body: it is actually a wooden box
2- built arms: two rectangular pieces of wood (hand and arm) are connected through a wing bold
3 - built head: several parts are cut out and glued together

4 - cover body, arms and head with leather (or what material you prefer)
5 - make pump circuit (9V battery, switch, pump - nothing to worry about)
6- assembling
7 - make bonsai boxwaterproof - i used sheet steel and pool liner, but there are a lot of solutions
8 - wrap him up as a present.

Step 3: Partlist: What You Will Need.


  • some kind of saw to make straight cuts (e.g. table saw)
  • drilling machine with several wood driller
  • an e- tacker
  • wood glue

Material: (use the 3 pdfs to estimate how much you are going to need)

  • wood boards; I used the cheapest, it will be covered with leather anyway. I used a thickness of 18 mm for most parts, for the arms 10 mm and for the roof 3 mm. However, use what you have - it doesn't make that of a difference.
  • wooden stick; for the beak
  • sheet stale; around 0,5 mm thick for the magnetic door (and maybe for the bonsai box)
  • black and white leather; (or what material you prefer)
  • bolts and nuts:
    2x: M4 x 30 mm wing bolts + nuts
    2x: M6 x 70 mm wing bolts + nuts
    1x: M12 x 100 mm bolt + nut

several spax screws

several washers

  • for the bonsai box:pool liner and sheet metal
  • for the pump circuit:
    a little pump which operates around 9V
    a tube which fits the pump and a plug for one end (be creative here - i used a cap of a little bottle- but be sure it is waterproof)
    a switch, 9V battery and wire
    a water tank (you may use a bottle)
  • Moreover you may need:
    a zipper for the door (600 mm long)
    2x hinge
    2x eyes: LED lights with motionsensor and magnet (Osram Nightlux TM Automatic Wireless LED Night Light White)
    a bonsai
    cable ties

    a little box which collects the drain water from the bonsai
    4 x rollings - pendo is mobile :)

Step 4: Building the Body.

Use body.pdf

Explosion view of body:

- cut out the parts
- drill holes for arms and head
- assemble with spax but do NOT glue it! Later you are going to cover the parts piece by piece with leather.
Check body for errors and correct them if necessary. Also, do NOT assemble the door but check if it fits with the body.

Door: glue a steel sheet on the front part on the door (not included in the drawing). This will be your magnetic wall. Later the whole door will be covered with leather so you do not need to worry about the look.


Step 5: Building the Arms.

Use arm_left.pdf

Explosion view of left arm:

- cut out arms
- dill holes
- assemble arms and check
- assemble arms to body and check

Step 6: Building the Head.

Use head.pdf

Explosion view of the head:

1) cut out base and drill the hole for the M12 bolt
2) cut out the four sidewalls and glue them on the base
3) cut out the back wall and glue them to the end of the sidewalls
4) cut out the front piece, drill the hole for the tube
5) cut off the beak and connect it to the front piece with spax. connect the front piece with the base (use spax!)
6) cut out the wall which separates the front and back part from each other, glue it to the head
you now can see the path where the tube and wire goes under the bonsai box through
7) cut out roof, drill the hole for the switch and connect it to the head via spax
x) you may want to cover the inside bonsai box with sheet metal (glue it), in case the pool liner leaks
8) cut out the 4 pillars which hold the base of the bonsai box, glue them to the head
9) cut out the bonsai box base (sheet steel), bend it a little so that it will fit - do NOT glue it, just put it in. note: the front pillars are higher in comparison to the back pillars so that the water for the bonsai can drain off. that's what the triangle at the back of the bonsai box base is for. the bonsai box base has not to fit in perfectly, it just needs to hold the pool liner with the soil and bonsai
10) glue two square steel sheets to the frontal side walls - they will hold the eyes.
11) take out the bonsai box base, put the M12 bolt in and mount the head on body.

-> check (and correct) everything one last time.


Step 7: Covering the Parts With Leather.

This part can be a bit tricky; you are going to cover

- each part of the body with leather - piece by piece
- the arms piece by piece
- the head as a whole
- the beak
with leather.

First of all you need to take apart pendo.
You should use an e-tacker to cover the parts with leather. Nails work as well but you are going to need much longer.

For all parts:
1) lie the parts on the leather and use a cutter to cut them out. be sure to leave an EDGE of minimal 2 cm!
2) cover the wood with leather
3) cut off the edges
4) for holes: search them with your fingers and cut a little cross with the cutter in the middle of the holes so that the spax/ bolts will find there way again

Think about what sides you are going to see and which not. You are going to nail the leather at invisible sites (like the bottom of the ground or the back of pendo).

If you used thin wood like I did be careful not to use to deep nails. Also you may decide to glue some parts. Be careful when gluing: Be sure the glue can be used with leather and press the leather long enough on its position so the glue can develop its power.

The photos provide you with a short overview how I covered the head with leather.

First put the tube through the hole and seal the front of the tube with the plug. Then use cable ties to connect the beak and the tube. Drill a little hole in the bottom of the tube where you want the water to come out: iI used a 3 mm driller. Cut out a piece of leather which is longer then the beak and can be warped around the beak. Use the e- tacker on the beak (NOT on the tube!).

While covering the head with leather the front of the head (AND the beak - not like in the photos) is not screwed on. When you have finished the head cut a cross in the leather where the tube and beak comes through. Push the tube from the front side though the cross and lead it under the bonsai box through the cut out path. Screw the beak to the front (it's a bit tricky) and the front on the head.

Step 8: Making the Pump Circuit.

Connect the pump with the switch and battery in series. Be sure that the wire is long enough to go to the water tank which is at the back of pendo. If you are using a pump which needs less voltage you should change the battery correspondingly or use a resistor.

Step 9: Assembling of the Parts.

Pendo explosion view:

1) put all parts together again.
2) use spax to screw the rollings to the bottom
3) use spax to screw the hinges at the door and the body
4) nail the zipper to the side of the door and the body
5) make up: if you still see wood, cut out leather stripes and nail them over the ugly parts.

Step 10: Making the Bonsai Box Waterproof.

Cover the bonsai box with a waterproof foil (do NOT use plastic bags, they won't take that much water and begin to leak). The photos give you some guideline how to do it.

1) cut out pool liner
2) push the foil into the edges
3) pull out some of the foil through the triangle of the bonsai box base
4) cut out a hole in the foil which stands out of the triangle - the water will drain off here.
5) cut off the foil which stands out of the box
6) you may want to nail the foil to the head
7) insert soil and bonsai

Step 11: Wrap Pendo Up!

...and give the perfect personal present.

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    even if it's some time ago; yes, no good pr at all, didn't realize that. now the name seems more appropriate. thanks. :)


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