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About: who is koob? koobyak, also known as psillocybe koobensis or simply 'the koo', is an astral being from between dimensions inhabiting planet earth in the 21st century. as descendant of the great annunaki, a go...

i have two monitors on my desk
on the right side there is an ages-old super-heavy megawatt-eating monster of a 22" CRT and in the center a 21.5" widescreen skinny TFT i use as primary monitor.....i wanted both screens to be at the same level and since the CRT's stand and frame is around 8cm higher then the TFT's i needed something to lift it up.....so basically this is where the idea came from

first of all i am not an electrician and this is my first instructable
therefore all of the LEDs used in this mod will die the slow death of hyperthermia one day
have mercy with your components and use christmas lights for your project
but since i have no christmas tree lights i used what i have found in my spare parts box in the corner of my mancave:

4 x jagermeister botttles (0.7L)
USB cable
lots of salvaged LEDs
tons of hot glue and a glue gun
electric tape
some grippy material (rubber from a bike hose or cork from a wine bottle)

i made this simplified video instructable for you to watch so you get an idea of this project without actually reading the entire step by step:


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Step 1:

first of all remove the paper stickers from the jagermeister bottles with hot water
you can leave them in the water for an hour or so, and the glue holding the stickers will dissolve nicely and it will be easier to remove the stickers from the bottles

align the 4 meister bottles nicely next to each other and glue them together
i consider hot glue to be one of mankinds greatest inventions so i used a lot of hot glue, just to improve stability^^

then glue the grippy pieces to the bottles so the monitor stand does not move on the desk
i used some cork plates they use to separate glass panels when they transport them, but one could use some pieces of a bike rubber hose or whatever

Step 2:

now its time to start with the electrical wireing part
i will skip the basics of how to wire LEDs together because i want  to make it short and there are enough instructables showing you boons how to do it....this one is pretty simple to understand and a good starting point for LEDs imho https://www.instructables.com/id/LEDs-for-Beginners/

just in case you use christmas tree lights as i suggested you can skip this and simply stick all the lights into the bottles and glue them together so they cant flip out again, plug em in and youre done

but i chose to power them with 5V from the USB port of my PC so the wireing part is a little more complicated
what i do is basically using the black and red wire from an old USB cable (mine is from an old keyboard), wireing it to a power switch, then wireing all the led parts with it, testing and glueing them to the necks of the bottles
the lamp i used was driven by 4 batteries so the maths i had to do was quite easy
1.5 volt x 4 = 6 volt
the USB port provides 5 volts
yuhuu! i dont need no resistors!
there is  some fault in this calculation bcause the LEDs become really hot and they will die soon i guess
but it is working for now without flickering and none of them died yet
i used some tape to bind all the cables together
finally i glued the power switch to the bottles

Step 3:

now flip the final construction and put the monitor upon it
plug in the usb cable
flip the power switch on
take a shot of jagermeister
et voila
enjoy the smooth greenness 
now tidy up your desk as it became really messy

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