Jeff-o's 2008 Pumpkins




Introduction: Jeff-o's 2008 Pumpkins

About: By day, Jeff is the Jack of All Robots at Clearpath Robotics. By night, a mad scientist / hacker / artist / industrial designer wannabe!

Here are pictures of the pumpkins I carved this year. All of the patterns are from, and they were carved using my Pumpkin Carving Saws. In order, the patterns are:

Freaky Tiki
Jolly Roger
Count von Count
Scooby Doo
Cheshire Cat
Mad Hatter

All of the pumpkins were lit using large votive candles, except for E.T. He was illuminated using an array of six white LEDs, with a yellow LED Throwie in the finger. Thanks for looking! Be sure to grab some candy. :)

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    Zombie Pumpkins is such a great site...I did the Sweeney Todd and Jack Skellington ones this past Halloween and had a blast! These pumpkins look fantastic, great job!