Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph!





Introduction: Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph!

a cool tutorial by me, sophia B)))

Step 1: Step One- Head

first u gotta draw a head, cuz i'm pretttty sure tyler has a head ya know? for this type of cartoon i'm making it blocky but you can make it more round or something if you want.

Step 2: Step Two- Ear

give that boy an ear

Step 3: Step Three- Hair

this era of tyler is the hair era tyler so we're gonna give that guy some hair too

Step 4: Step Four- Nose

for the nose, make it a lil bit straight, lil bit curvy, along those lines

Step 5: Step Five- Eyeballs and Neck

the neck is just two lines, that is all. the EYEs, however, are just circles. the eyebrows are bushy because our boy tyler has some strong eyebrow game goin' on there...heheheh...anyway, they can be up, down, side to side, anything goes if you're good with whatever emotion follows~~

Step 6: Step Six- Shadowy Things

add that lil half circle on his nose and some cute ones on his cheeks too (give him that pretty boy vibe)

Step 7: Step Seven- Mouth

GIVE HIM A GORGEOUS SMILE (a curvy banana shape under his nose should suffice)

Step 8: Step Eight- Neck Shadow

put some shadow bands that taper off under his neck for dramatic lighting effect yo

Step 9: Step Nine- Shoulders!

he might need those too. quite necessary. draw some curvy lines for him man

Step 10: Step Ten-

i declare SHIRT LINEs unless u want a shirtless boy which is good too B)

Step 11: Step Eleven- COLOR

u can do whatever you want now bc color is GREAt yO

Step 12: Step Twelve- Josh Begins

now make josh a head bc he deserves one too bro

Step 13: Step Thirteen- Hair Pt. 1

josh's hair is a glorious gift to this world sO there are many steps to it

to begin, give him scruffy stuff on the side of his head so he looks like an old man

Step 14: Step Fourteen- Hair Pt. 2

color in that hair on the side of his head and add some more scruff on the other side. thennn give him a big flop of hair on top of his head and around it.

Step 15: Step Fifteen- NosE

josh needs a nose so make him one, yo. it should be sorta blocky but rounded. a rounded block. add a lil shadow there as well.

Step 16: Step Sixteen- Neck

i doth proclaim josh dun shall receive a neck!!! also neck shadows!!!

Step 17: Step Seventeen- Eyeballs and Mouth

give that man a few circles on his face and a curvy banana also. if you want you can add his gauges in there too!!

Step 18: Step Eighteen- COLORRRR

color that man in and let him be GORGEOUS

Step 19: All Done!

congrats u made a beautiful drawing of BEAUTIFUL people. any questions, just ask me! tumblr: neverrenders kik: joyiding. thanks for reading!



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    This is a copy of MY DRAWING i would really appriciate if you deleted this. Art theft hurts artists. it’s not okay.


    ok i know this was from a year ago but this is so cute i just found this and wowee tyler& josh look gr8

    2 replies

    I love this! Do you know what style of drawing with is?

    1 reply

    *this is