Smart Home With Arduino and Jubito

Jubito is the front-end implementation of jaNET Framework. A smart home web server that creates interfaces between various software and hardware objects (e.g. arduino). It allows interoperability by interacting each other and gives you full access and control on your automations from all over the web [read more...]

(*) Since there is a lot of improvements and upgrades, so please follow the official web site and blog.

Official website

Components used for this project...

- Dell mini 9 (running jubito server on ubuntu linux 13.10)
- Arduino Uno
- 433MHz RF Transmitter + Receiver Module Kit (
- Remote controlled sockets (
- Temperature & luminosity sensors (
- Hydra (
- IP Camera (
- PIR motion detection sensor (

Reference on hardware development -

- rc-switch library (
- jubito server
- jubito client (android app)
- custom made arduino sketch
- festival speech synthesis / speech sdk on windows

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