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Okay. I love kayaking and I have just recently purchased one. The difficulty was finding a way to store it that met several criteria.

1 - Ease of access

2 - Varmint and dust free

3 - Out of the way

4 - Aesthetically pleasing

While I can't claim originality on the design I can say I found no suitable plans that show how to do this like I did.

So The total cost of this project was around $30 (kayak not included.) What will you need?


- 4 - 2 1/2" Lag bolts

- 5 pulleys I used 1 1/2"

- 3 chain connectors

- 2 angle brackets

- about 50 ft of rope

(For an optional wall mounted pulley, you will also need a 4th chain link connector, a 6th pulley, and an eyelet lagbolt)


- Drill / Bits

- Socket for lag bolts

Lets get crackin'

Step 1: Bracket Mounting

I used some old angle iron brackets I had around the barn. My Kayak weighs about 45lbs and is around 10 ft. in length. That means you will want to get weight appropriate hardware. My angle had holes in it already. If your angle doesn't, You will need 4 holes on the each bracket . Two holes will be for the lag bolts to mount into the ceiling the other two will be for the pulley and rope attach. Find the rafter stud and drill the hole slightly smaller than the lag bolt diameter. You will then attach the angle to the ceiling and rafter. don't worry about the pulleys just yet.

Do the same steps for the second bracket. Make sure to measure the proper distance between brackets (THIS WILL BE THE LENGTH OF YOUR KAYAK)

Step 2: Pulley Setup

  1. Attach the rope to the outside hole of the first bracket
  2. Pulley attaches to the front of the kayak and receives the rope from the rope attach point.
  3. Pulley attaches to the inside hole of the first bracket and feeds the rope from the kayak to the rear bracket
  4. Pulley mounted to the inside hole of the rear bracket receives rope from front bracket and sends to Kayak Pulley
  5. Pulley attaches to rear kayak strap receives rope from rear bracket pulley and sends the rope back to the rear bracket pulley number 2.
  6. Rear bracket pulley number 2 receives rope from rear kayak strap and sends to wall
  7. (OPTIONAL STEP) Using a eyelet lag mounted into a wall stud attach a pulley about one foot down from the ceiling to receive rope from the bracket (this step is functional and cosmetic but not necessary.)
  8. Mount 4" cleat in a convenient place to tie off kayak when up in the air

YOU ARE DONE!! Thanks for reading!



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I have been a kayaker for maybe 30 years. I remember being told specifically NOT to hang them by bow and stern. I suspect it is to prevent accidentally increasing the rocker. That being said, my main boat is 14 ft Prion. Maybe a short boat is not prone to such things. Just thought I'd mention it.