Keeping Warm With Spiced Up Coffee/cocoa




Introduction: Keeping Warm With Spiced Up Coffee/cocoa

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 Years before Starbucks and all the mochalatte, frappechino etc craze became such a part of our landscape I would mix a package of hotchocolate mix into my coffee, this was especially comforting on those late winter night ambulance duty tours in the city of brotherly love. This even more adult version is for when your sitting at home

Step 1: What You Need

The ingredients are simple, you'll need

 Coffee, instant works but brewed is better
 Hot cocoa mix or a coffee beverage mix
 Hot sauce or peppered vodka
 hot water (if using instant coffee)

Step 2: Making Your Drink

brew up your coffee or if using instant as in this case, bring a pot of water to a boil (if making this at a convenience store they don't usually charge more for a pack of hot cocoa when buying a large coffee)
 pour your package of hot cocoa or flavored coffee beverage mix into your cup, add your coffee of choice and a couple dashes of hot sauce or as in this case a habanero infused vodka

Step 3: Enjoy

Rub some hotsauce/oil on your feet  pull on a pair of warm socks, kick back in your favorite chair and enjoy the warmth perusing your body as you sip your spiced up coffee/cocoa drink as you surf your favorite website



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    " This even more adult version is for when your sitting at home"

    Please reread the opening paragraph and make note of the last line.
    " This even more adult version is for when your sitting at home"

    Hey you joined on my birthday last year. We must be kindred spirits.  Are you an EMT? (ambulance reference) I don't drink coffee, but find I need a wake up call mid afternoon.  Your recipe looks great!  I'm going to try it. Thanks for sharing!

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    Yes I ran both paid and volunteer EMS for about 15yrs but that was 25yrs ago. You can of course leave out the coffee and the alcohol, in fact, with the continueing cold spell here in Florida Ive been drinking a lot of faux mexican hot chocolate (packaged hot coco and a couple drops of hot sauce) If this cold doesn't break soon Im going to have to watch out for harpoons on the beach !! = S 

    I was an EMT in MI about 15 years ago too :0).  I've gotta What is that you are wearing in your photo?

     The main problem with making a hot pepper infused vodka is, at least in my case, that your constantly finding new ways to use it ! It will really kick up a bloody mary or a twisted screwdriver, puts a real adult note into a mexican hot cocoa with hot peppers, even with cooking although the alcohol cooks out, you get more of the fruity taste of the pepper along with the heat than you do from commercial hot sauces...

    I've done it before with dried chilli, but red-hot Jamaican peppers I'd never thought of (they won't go down the neck of a bottle, but I'll figure that out). I some times make my own sauce y'know.


    I had to slightly crush the habanero to make it fit in the bottle, other than appearence thats not a problem as it allows the alcohol faster access to the insides. I also have a small wide mouth jar with 6 or so habenaros and vodka in it, the peppers have lost most of their heat but they have a great taste,  the liquid will take your breath away

    Yes, I'm sure it will. Well that's one for when I can get some good peppers.


     It is pretty awesome ! That pit has seen everything from cozy fires for 2 to roaring blazes 20+feet high, if it could talk... I'd have to melt it down !!
     Thank you for commenting