Key Ring Necklace

Introduction: Key Ring Necklace

cool necklace made of keyrings.this is my idea i didnt stole it from anybody

Step 1: Materials

you need

1x LITTLE CHAIN you can find it on your old wallet
11x KEYRING you can find them on some keychains you never use
1x the thing what holds your necklace

Step 2: Connect

connect 2 keyrings like this
somewhere on the keyring is the part where it halves.raise that part and push the other keyring in the first keyring

Step 3: Do This Few More Times

you can order the keyrings how you want but i prefer this order

s=small keyring
b=big keyring
B=biggest keyring

Step 4: Connecting Again

connect that 3rd thing to chain of keyrings

Step 5: More Connecting

connect the little chain to chain of keyringsby that 3rd thing

Step 6: Done is done

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I don't know if I like or no :-). But this idea is fine and, yes this can give me some ideas, so finally must say that I like it.