Fashion for the Blind

Introduction: Fashion for the Blind

Fashion for the blind is a dress that allows the blind to play piano with its interface. Users’ fingers act like capacitors that make the circuit complete. Applied from the concept of body capacitance, Like any other electrically-conductive object, a human body can store electric charge if insulated.

Step 1: Hack a Toy Piano

Step 2: Make a Speaker

Cut the unnecessary circuit and build the new one. I replaced the speaker with my new conductive tape speaker. I made three speaker prototypes with conductive thread, conductive fabric and conductive tape. I also, tested with a variety of size and from. The size was not really matter. The conductive tape seemed to be the loudest one.

Step 3: Prepare the Circuit

The first circuit that I made was the seven keyboards version but the solder joins were not strong enough. I scraped along the lines and soldered them to extend the circuit. However, the surface areas were too small so I have to shift to a bigger surface and reduce the keyboard amount.

Step 4: Design Your Circuit

Attach the circuit with fabric and create your own design interface!

Step 5: Test the Dres

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