Killer Apple Grinder




this all came about in one weekend when i had almost 200 lbs of pears given to me from a friend.

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Step 1: The Hopper

this started out as a stainless mixing bowl from a local dept. store. I cut the bottom out to fight the locking ring of the grinder.

Step 2: The Stand

the stand was built out of scrap stuff lying around the garage. you could use any thing you have lying around. parts where all screwed together

Step 3: Grinder Attachment

the grinder attachment is from a friend that homebrews with me. it is nothing more then a garbage disposer the he couldn't install in his house because of plumbing so he lent it for the cause. it is a half horse stainless chamber. apple/pear killer. the down pipe is just the right height to put a bucket with a mesh bag in to catch all the pulp that is being spit out of the pipe.

Step 4: Down Tube

after some messing I found that this worked the best. took the out feed elbow and cut at an angle then drilled the 3 inch abs pipe to accommodate the drain elbow it is a pressure fit.

Step 5: Power

all wired up to and extension cord and switch. put a cord holder on the side to hold the cord when it isn't in use. this turned the 200 lbs of pears into 200 lbs of pear sauce almost the same as apple sauce. took about 1hr to grind all the pears. not to bad as whe where going to use a hand grinder that would have taken all week.

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    9 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Very cool ! I never thought of doing something like this for homebrewing I might make a smaller version for juicing grapes ! something like that


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Very interesting. This device save many money. Pardon, I don't speak English: ¿what is "killer apple"? I don't find in my translator.

    4 replies

    10 years ago on Introduction

    sweet idea!

    Question on the "ground fruit"... the end product, does it resemble applesause? chunky or smooth?

    I have myself access to 4 apple trees, and they produce WAY more apples than I'd ever legally be allowed to turn into hard cider.... so I'm thinking of jarring homemade applesause.

    Also, I'd reccomend food grade piping, just to be safe. this link is to the first page on my google search. Food grade clear pvc

    Phil B

    10 years ago on Introduction

    Very innovative! Did you cut the pears open and remove the seeds, stems, and skins before making pear butter out of pears?


    10 years ago on Introduction

    MORE POWER!!!! Woo hoo!

    How'd you drill the bowl & large pipe?