Killswitch No Drilling or Soldering EASY!!!!





Introduction: Killswitch No Drilling or Soldering EASY!!!!


this cost 2.99$. you need a normally open switch!!!!!

a killswitche is a momentary switch, that when pressed, stops signal from going out of the guitar and going into the amp. Basically, when the button is pressed, there is no noise. Les Paul players usually achieve this effect by setting one pickup's volume to zero, and switching back and forth between pickups, creating a shuttering effect. However, this cannot be done on a Strat., since there is only one volume potentiometer.

tanks for pandaman059...... for this little description!!!

Step 1: Unscrew

unscrews the 2 little screws !!!!

Step 2: Twist or Sold

twist or sold (me I twist and its work!) like you see on the picture

Step 3: Results and Pics!!!




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    im not afraid of soldering or drilling but if i was i would make somerockenguy's killswitch that goes in a box

    i did it with a sewing needle and some random wire if you want a quick way to do it but im getting a switch tomorrow

    sorry, is it ok to put the switch on the outgoing signal? not the volume pot? im just asking anyway coz my rgx is so hard to put it on the volume pot, im wondering if its fine to put it like yours now

    I realy hope you " asked " alexepolers axe hacks for that picture!

    luv strats. ihave one of my own now. but i don't need a kill switch. just yet at least...

    mybe you could say what is a killswitch.. i see nothing here that may kill you once switched..

    1 reply

    Nothing came across on the initial RSS feed (which sends out the intro step), but it seems that he's added a good description of what the heck this kind of kill switch is for. Good job.

    Try reading the intro. It explains exactly what a killswitch is. Have you ever left a positive comment for anyone's instructable?

    2 replies

    thanks ac1D for your idea and Geordiepom wait before post stupid comments if you don't now because its real, I added the intro after his comment.

    if you would not be stupid: you would had seen that i have left lot of good comment, bad comment when needed. there is no bad comment from me here, only a question. And, for your information, he added the intro after my comment. And it is why my comment was usefull. Usefull and constructive. well, way more than your. Now, get out of here.(ugh, i already imagine your reply).

    I never knew it was that easy.. Nice job! I might try this out for my Warlock. And you might want to try using the macro mode on your camera, it's the little flower. It really helps.

    Nice! alot more simple than i thort when reading the title!