Knex 44.MAGNUM

About: i am a guy that lives in the netherlands and plays amnesia I RARELY MAKE SHOOTING GUNS

here is a 44.MAGNUM and i hope you like it :D
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    2 years ago

    For all those people who don't post instructions, I HOPE YOU GET HATE MAIL.

    ik heb net een aan koop gedaan over drie weken ken ik dit allemaal maken en posten als instructable kan ik dan ook de vector posten ???

    Hey bro. I really really like that 44. Magnum. I think it is worth a sub. =D Does your version of dr. richtofen's Super Kriss Vector shoot? And, what is that last gun? What does it do? Does it shoot?

    2 replies

    no the vector doesn't shoot but if you want i can make a instructable

    and the last gun is a keltac sub 2000 it's a gun folds in half like a fmg-9 and that one doesn't shoot either i only make models by cause i don't have the right rubberbands for shooting