K'nex 5 in 1 Fun Object

 I made this thing  that is a hat, cd spindle, spinning thing, tray, and a bowl holder

Step 1: Items Needed

 9 yellow sticks, 8 blue sticks,16 green small sticks, 8 green bends, 16 grey bends, 8 red bends, and 1 white circle

Step 2: First Step

 attach the yellow sticks to the red bends like this. you should have 8 of these. set them aside. you should have one yellow stick left.

Step 3: Next....

 put all of the blue sticks on the white circle, and set it aside for the next step

Step 4: Start to Take Shape

 attach the red bends that are connected to the yellow sticks to the blue sticks like this.

Step 5: Then...

 attach 2 gray bends to each other and attach them to the yellow sticks like this.

Step 6: Pretty Close!!!

 attach the green sticks to the grey bends like this.

Step 7: Almost There!!!!

 attach the green bends to the green sticks like this and you are done!!! the next step is for the spinning thing.

Step 8: Don't You Wish It Would End!?!?!?

 attach the yellow and orange/ red sticks to the orange bend and that is it!

Step 9: Finished!!!

 thanks for  viewing this video! the way you put it in is in the pic.



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    An Villain

    7 years ago on Introduction

    While this is creative, so to speak, it is purposeless. I could claim a rock is a multipurpose "fun object," it can: weight something down, hold something up, be used as a throwing item, be worn as a garment, etc. However the concept is nice.

    2 replies