Knex Shotgun

Introduction: Knex Shotgun

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Step 1: Parts That You Need

Step 2: The Body of the Gun

Step 3: The Mag

adding the magizne,,, connect to the back side 1st
then add the other side

Step 4: The Top of the Magizne

take off the blue rods and put orangs connector's with green rods to the mag,

Step 5: Adding the Trigger & Rubber Band's

insert the trigger in to the back of the gun

Step 6: Loading the Gun

put 8 bullets in the open side of the magizne

shake the 1st shot then put back lock then shoot

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    yah i know i like some of my guns to be basic i have a tb18 i made thats not basic but anyway how did u like it ??? if you made it