Knex Desert Eagle





Introduction: Knex Desert Eagle

About: i'm Jorn, live in The Netherlands and I love guns and airsoft, gaming, music and creating and building all kinds of things.

this is my new gun, its (as you probably already noticed) a Desert Eagle with a working mag, slide and trigger. the inspiration came from many games and movies cause come on, this gun is f*cking badass. its very big too, only if you want to build it yourself you need to cut down a lot of pieces.

Step 1: The Handle

big comfortable mag fedded handle

Step 2: The Barrel

might seem a bit complicated, just take your time to look at it :)

Step 3: The Slide

the easiest part of the gun

Step 4: The Mag

this part has to be made with cut-off rods or you will have tape it



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    Here are the instructions, it may seem a bit complicated. i couldn't quite figure it out myself either but I had the images laying aroud for a while already so forgot in wich order i had to put them. hope its clear :)

    Sorry for the fact that I haven't uploaded the instructions yet but I totally forgot. I am also going to upload a new gun I recently build. Thanks for all the nice feedback by the way.


    ik zat al ik weet niet hoe lang te denken

    hoe ik die slide moest maken van een desert eagle

    en dan heb jij em

    je bent geniaal man

    ga zo door :D

    when im going to make another gun, I will post the instructions.

    lol can you post something on how to make it