Knex Gopro Steady Cam

Introduction: Knex Gopro Steady Cam

I should start by saying thanks for visiting my ible and i hope you enjoy it.

As shown in the photos this ible is going to show you how to create a steady cam/figrig for your gopro.

the only things you need complete this are

gopro/digital camera
tripod mount for you chosen camera
and a screw with tripod fitment.

ok so here goes.

Step 1: Parts Needed

ok so all you need to build this is what is stated in the pictures above.

white connector 26
yellow connector 18
green connector 4
grey connector 14

red rod 8
orange rod 2
blue rod 6
white rod 25
green rod 4

camera stuff
gopro or other small digital camera
tripod mount for selected camera
camera fixings
tripod screw

Step 2: Handles

You want to start by alternating the white and yellow connectors untill its start to look like mine. Here is where the variation comes into play.

As long as you can follow my disign then there is very little to go wrong.

note: you have to make 2 of these

Step 3: Base Plate.

First make the top section with the grey connectors all facing down.

the bottom section can then be made and notice the lack of a 2nd white connector. This is to allow me to tight my gopro onto the plate. through the centre hole of the top white connector.
once clipped together just add the vertical white rods in the 5 places i have put mine.

once in place that is the base plate complete.

Step 4: Assembly

To assemble the entire thing all you have to do is attach the two white connectors to the exposed rods on the base plate.

hey presto. You have now made the Knex GoPro steady cam Ver.2

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    Thanks hope you enjoy it.