Knex PM-63

About: I like building knex guns even though I don't have many pieces. Most of my ideas have failed but I love seeing all the new innovations people make with knex.

Just came back from a debate tourney and decided to post this.

A knex PM-63 based of black ops. This was a quick build and lacks accurate iron sights. Uses a "block behind handle" mech but the magazine is fake. Works well as a single shot though but i had to make the handle as real as possible. It features a folding grip (and stock but is not shown due to picture space. Can also be modified with my grenade launcher for those of you who like the tube.

I got lazy with my picture quality:)

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    pmgroundhogAn Villain

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I know very well that the pm-63 is a real weapon. what i meant to say is that my knex gun is based of the version in black ops with the stock option, grip, and shorter magazine. I am more than aware that all of black ops' guns exist in real life(at least in some form).

    sans the ray gun of course

    ''I am more than aware that all of black ops' guns exist in real life(at least in some form)'' You're right, I found evidence of the ray gun.

    It is in one of my other builds and is removable. Very simple yet powerful. WOW looking at the date of this I really have to free up some time for knex-ing now.

    Oh sorry it is in a later instructable which is the DR-1. The pics are not that great but you should be able to build. Internal is a green connecter with a broken green rod and regular on the other side. Im sure the broken doesnt need to be use but I had one and it makes it smoother.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    well at least its something worth showing everyone. =D