Knex Rock Band/GH Bass (working)




Introduction: Knex Rock Band/GH Bass (working)

about a month ago,i build my own guitar for Jam Legend and Rock Band (FoFiX on PC, not the official game...) because the keyboard was boring and can't flip the laptop,lol.
i used knex and a usb trust gamepad, 8 buttons at it for 1euro
the first guitar is based on the Guitar Hero II guitar,but in mirror. skinny, irregular strum size but it had 5 solo frets (totally 10 frets) :p
i turned it in a bass,cleaner,solid, fixed strum,no annoying double strum,only 5 frets, whammy bar(analog soon, on/off for now). heavier than a GH guitar
took me 2 days to make first one, another 2 days for the bass. frets buttons from old radios,vcr...

knex stratocaster guitar coming this week (i must rebuild the frets buttons)

so, what do you think?
ps; i finished Smashing Pumpkins - Zero, guitar expert about 95 /100 (percent). many of the last played songs on jam legend i played with the bass.
add me, dani5639

7.04: -played Dragonforce-Though Fire And Flames, Hard ,81%, 2221/ 2723 notes hit.
-GHIII tier 2 and 3, Expert or Hard guitar, atleast 5 RB stars on each.i can't play better
on a keyboard or GH guitar
videos and knex guitar images added!



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     I play real guitar too, but now i'm using it as a bass with 4 thick strings and a big amp. It's fun, but not as good as a real bass.

    I made this before buying the guitar...

     not awsome, but i advanced very fast. i can play most metallica riffs, master of puppets except for the solo (the interlude and easy solo is easy,lol) some avenged sevenfold without solo, toxicity full ,hehe
    i still suck, but i own a friend who started at same time as me

    i started this christmas, and i can play almost every "the offspring" song. i can also play some "decemberists", and the song "wipeout".

    dude i love hearing from other guitarists. i taught my self to play guitar, piano and sing lol i have like two bands already haha ive been playing since christmas a year and a half ago, but i started guitar four months ago, and i love it lol rock on man! (oh by the way, the song "last resort" by papa roach is RLY fun to play, look up how to)

    i have learned almost every offspring song maby 75 percent of them dude haha and i know how to play monster and im gonna learn youre going down

    i did build one, u fail.
    and yes, it has nothing to do with playing a guitar (he doesn't know how to tell that to someone making him proud, i'm sick of that)

    probobally some offspring songs but they are still easy cause they are power chords. Monster is the easiest cause all it bar chords but you have to use drop c tuning. i never looked up your going down yet.

    dude, take a look at constant motion , by Dream Theater and then tell me i'm going down. i also play bass and drums xD

    nice u can play guitar, but for how long u been playing and what hand is dominant im 7 year playing acousticand electric left handed.

    i have been playing since christmas...but i am awsome at it. i fret with my left hand and strum with my right. my guitar is a hollow body, so i can play it like an accusic but i can also plug it in. i have a vox amp, idk what model