About: K'nex guns, TF2, and Valve games are what I like to build/play.

This is a concept I thought of, it was originally single-shot, but I think you can slip a magazine into in (look at the 4th picture). Does not have a working pump, sorry. :( It is supposed to look similar to the Half-Life 2 shotgun, which is a SPAS-12. I'd like for someone to build it, please, as I do not have the parts to complete it. If you add a magazine, you get bonus points. If you go CRAZY and add a drum magazine, I will marry you. :D (5-stars on every one of your instructables and a subscription if you choose to be the first one to build it, and tell me about [pic is not necessary, but wanted] in the comments section below) So, here it is:



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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    it was originally just trying to make it look like a SPAS-12, though it would be single-shot. I do not have enough pieces, thus it it not finished, and therefore and idea, or concept :)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    this looks like it could be turned into something amazing :D when i can , ill see what i can do , just dont get your hopes up becuase im VERY VERY limited on supplies ;D Nice work - nice concept , 5 stars no question XD