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    question, how the heck is this related to https://www.instructables.com/answers/whats-a-good-knex-gun-with-a-magazineclip/

    What should be my next knex project it has to be a knex replica of a real gun (preferably from mw 2 or BFBC2)

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    Hmm thats kinda cheating is it not? its just a bb gun with knex built around it, if you took that into a airsoft/bb war people would laught at it.

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    Cool! But maybe next time you build a replica, try building a gun that hasn't been build before; we have lots and lots af knex AK's. 4.0 stars.

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    Yea, but we only have like 2 good ones. And this one is more along the lines of a 74 (I know its not)