Knex Tonfa's




title explains all lol
please take it easy its my first instructable<0>_<0>


Step 1: Build This

self explainitory(i cant spell) build this. there are 8 orange connectors on a section and one section has 2 yellow pieces

Step 2: Handle

put the handle together in this order
pic 1:
you make two of those
pic 2:
you put any color rod bigger than green(i used blue)
last you put the handle(s) on the yellow connectors

Step 3: Put It Together

you need to make two. you made one in the instructable. if you want both.

Step 4: Look!

dont give crap about me its not nice=(



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    why are they worthless, these serve a great function. i use them for this: first someone fires a shot from an ARL cannon or IAC's v5 at another IAC cannon of a larger size (V4 up) and someone comes in and uses these to trash the rail ammo guides, this decommisions the cannon usually for the duration of the battle unless someone has an eingineer or IAC on their team who knows how to fix one of these.


    dude its not a gun its a tonfa-a martial arts wepon... its not supposed to shoot any thing or have a trigger.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    actualy tonfa in japanese means attack stick, which these were used by police and martail arts


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Am i the only one here who knows what tonfa r? they were used (disguised as farm tools) by the okinawans back in the.... darn.... um.... the age where karate was invented when weapons were banned on the island. its what nightsticks r based on.

    3 replies

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    And by the way this is barely able to be called a tonfa, seeing as its impossible to twirl them with a flat handle. Kinda pointless for anyone who isnt like.... 4.


    what is the point of this? It isn't a real weapon. It isn't a costume piece. I can' t for the life of me understand why anyone above the age of 8 would waste their time like this? Can you justify this being here?

    1 reply

    You're right. This ain't a real weapon nor a cosplay tool. I also don't know why people over 8 plays with K'nex. Maybe he used it on fake fights or something?