Knex Ak47 Sniper Mods

this is an instructable i decided to make the gun is not made by me but i give credit to the sgt for the gun i also want to thank ds man for the scope idea i hope you like it enjoy


Step 1: The Stand or Bipod

for this i just simple fooled around yes my barrel is a bit differnt witch u will see at the end but this should still work and if not just let me know

Step 2: The Handle

i found this handle idea on this site so i decided to put it on

Step 3: The Stock

the stock is the original with one mod to the back and middle.

Step 4: The Scope

I got this scope from sombody else like most of my parts

Step 5: Put It Together

well this is the end of how it goes together o and i have a safety that i will show you



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    25 Discussions

    Dr MonkeyMan

    5 years ago on Introduction

    It looks ok, but im pretty sure an AK47 cant not be turned into a sniper. Plus i dont think the AK47 is a sniper. But will build the scope and pretend its an ACOG scope.


    8 years ago on Step 5

    can it shoot..? or is it just a mod


    10 years ago on Introduction

    give credit for the original to "The SGT" and the scope was my idea, well i made it first, you can see it on my orange board.

    2 replies

    lol and thx this was a long time ago ive been makin barrets g3's g35c's anything i can think of now thx anyways everyone else hates on me for it