Knex Ball and Chain (flail)




Introduction: Knex Ball and Chain (flail)

you might have seen instructables just like this one before, but they don't seem all that sturdy.
I have made a knex flail that is relatively strong, and easy to make

Step 1: What You'll Need

this is what you need

(the chain can be found in the screamin' serpent or corkscrew canyon sets)

Not pictured: knife, paper, duct tape (optional)

Step 2: The Handle

start adding the red rods onto the 2 black connectors

Step 3: WAIT!

Before you add the last rod, put the brown peice on the blue rod, string it through one of the black connectors, add a white semicircle, then add the last rod
(use the pictures for help)

Step 4: Chain

add chain
you can make it as short or as long as you want

Step 5: Ball

make a paper ball and cover it in tape
cut a hole in it with the knife, and stick a yellow rod with a semi circle into it and tape it on

Step 6: Connecting Ball to Chain

get a piece of chain and cut the ends off
add it to the semi circle on the ball and connect the chain to it

Step 7: DONE!

you are now done with the knex flail
to customise it, you can add duct tape to give it a chrome-like finish or add spikes!



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    20 Discussions

    I'm not sure I understand the point of all these knex things? What do they do? Can you actually use them as a weapon, or impact bombs, or whatever they might be? Sorry if I'm being dumb, but aren't they just like legos: a kid's toy???

    7 replies

    Pfft! Pffftfffftffftftftftffftftftttttt!!! "I reject your reality and substitute my own." (Adam Savage) Lmao.... What are we talking about again?... Ahh yesssssss... im sure that you can sharpen pisces of metal and fire them with guns/bows/crossbows to a pretty good extent (maybe even to the point of lethality?). but to sum it up in a (very large) clamshell, IT'S FUN!!! and i strongly reject legos being a kids toy, my mom plays with them and she's what? 43 years old. of course i'm only 12 but then again i play dungeons & dragons, read 700+ page books and play with FIRE!

    The Lord

    same here im like 12 i play with ipod,bike,phone,computer too busy to be waving around a 4 year olds flail but it does look like that thing could do some dammage

    well, that is what most people do with them, but some times people make useful things out of them, like a robot to get people beers or soda.

    stop having loads of instructibles of the same thing all on one page it annoying!

    dont use a paper ball!, it's flimsy and wont hurt. Use a knex ball with white rods sticking out of it.

    cool. hey this is my knex cat claw nunchuck thing should i post as an instructable?


    instead of a paper ball on mine, I use about 3 or 4 giant wheels stuck together

    i also was thinking the same or maybe its med evil weapon week exclusively to instructable :) or not

    But I thought KNEX "things" had to be ALL KNEX.

    the blue rod spins around, thus making it able to spin 360 degrees