Knex Ball




Introduction: Knex Ball

knex ball (no flexibles)

yellow rod:80
blue rod:32
green knex:56
white knex: 26

Step 1: Knex Ball

now we need to make the ring

yellow rod:16
blue rod:32
green knex:24
white knex:24

Step 2: Knex Ball

now we add them together

yellow rods:24
blue rods:0
green knex:16
white knex:0

Step 3: Knex Ball

now add the tops

yellow rod:24
blue rod:0
green knex:16
white knex:2

then it should look like this (next picture)



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    76 Discussions

    improve your lighting and quality

    lol just cover the ionside and the out with duct tape(seethrough) poke some holes and its a human hamster ball lol

    Pretty Cool! Even though the pictures have bad quality, this is a great instructable! Nice job.

    lololol i can't even remember that i posted this but yeah... i guess i owe you a lesson in the Dutch language.
    here it goes now...
    hoe gaat het met you = how are you doing
    ik heet ... hoe heet jij = my name is ... what is your name
    yeah... if you want to know some other things or something like that. just post me some sentences you want me to translate.

    Jelle Brouwer

    i also speak the Frisian language that is spoken in the Northern part of the Netherlands (Friesland) but it's harder to write, but i can write the sentences like it's being pronounced.
    sorry if i made any mistakes, when i posted the question in 2008 i was 12 years old, and now i'm 14 so my english still isn't that great

    sorry i can't speak japanese but i do speak the following languages (some not that good, but some fluent)
    ancient greek
    these languages are the one i learn in school.

    hehe very good very good :) believe me latin isn't that hard when you just keep learning the things you should learn :P (a thing i'm not really good at because i'm lazy xD)

    ugh... why did i even ask this question, but i guess i was young and stupid.
    but yeah also for you a lesson with some sentences
    waar is het dichtsbijzijnde station = where is the nearest train station
    ik wil een patatje met joppiesaus = i want french fries with 'joppiesaus' (it's like mayonaise but a bit sweeter and with little pieces of union)


    Jelle Brouwer