Knex Ax of Doom





Introduction: Knex Ax of Doom

About: Sup, im kevin and im just that awesome

After weeks of planning and designing, i finally create the first 5 layered battle ax. I made it 5 layers because 3 wasn't enough and because every other melee weapon was 3 layered and 3 layers sucks. if you tried hard enough, you can murder someone, so be safe when you destroy your enemy

pros: 5 layers
awesome point thing
made for crushing
cons:alot of pieces
: P

Step 1: The Handle

just look at the pictures, they tell what to do.

Step 2: The Ax Blade Part

this whole thing is 5 layers and it is the hardest thing to make

Step 3: Awesome Spike Thing on Other Side

this isn't needed put you can add it.

Step 4: Finished!!!!

finally you are on your path to destroy the world!!!MHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!



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    19 Discussions

    this is awesome

    wow, this looks really cool and it looks like this can do some serious damage if operated like that. Any mods have you made for this treasure piece and if come up with any modification can I use yours and of course give you the credit for your original, your's looks fantastic


     wow-scary looking- looks like it took alot of pieces, time , and effort to make this thing. sweeet. 4.5*

    ,,Why is everying these days "of doom"?,,

    Looks pretty nice though. Would look good on your wall :-)