K'nex Bin Bubbleponic/aroponic System.

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In this instructable you will lean how to make a bubbleponic/aroponic system.I would like you to rate comment and give constructive criticism. 

Supply's you will need.
1 Tote with fitting lid
4 ft. Fish air line tubing
1 Fish tank air pump
1 Sharpie
Net pots (amount will vary based on size of tote)
1 Airline T
2 small air stones

Dremal with sanding wheel or hole saw
Drill bits

Step 1: Trace and Cut

You will need to trace around pots.  Be sure to cut the hole slightly smaller then your trace line, this will insure a snug fit.

Step 2: Sight Glass (optional)

It is best to use a drill bit slightly smaller than your tubing, this will make sure that there is less risk for leakage. Make sure to  and drill a hole at the top and bottom, then pull the tube through.

Step 3: Aeration

Take the drill bit, tubing , t and air stones first drill a hole at the top. Pull your tube through put your t on the end of the tube inside the tub add a air stone on either side attach to air pump.

Step 4: Finishing Step

Place your plants in pots,throw the lid on and your done.



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