Knex Bridge Instructions

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this is a knex bridge i built long ago. it's a little basic, but it still looks nice. i made instructions! :)
part list:
grey: 64
red: 120
yellow: 160
blue: 16
white: 8
blue: 24
yellow: 270
green (or red or grey): 320
red: 36
purple: 100
orange: 48
blue ring: 100
total: 1266

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Step 1: Supports

this should support the road

Step 2: Towers

Step 3: Road

Step 4: Well Done

the bridge is finished! enjoy :)



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    Oh my Lord Jesus Christ, thank you so much!! :) You literally saved me from getting an F in my engineering class. :D

    Haha good translation, :)but it's not german it is dutch.;D
    What i meant to say was :
    Okay, i'll do that for this one.
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