Knex Buggy Independent Suspension and Steering





Introduction: Knex Buggy Independent Suspension and Steering

Knex buggy with independent (4) suspension and front wheel steering.
Try to build the same parts you see in the pics.

Step 1: Parts List


Step 2: Main Chassis

build this. there are 2 big parts, and 2 small parts.

Step 3: Steering System (SS)

build all these.

Step 4: Supports of SS

assemble the parts you have and it must look like this

Step 5: Top Cover

put the second big part on the others and connect them.

Step 6: Some Things

 add the blue and purple connectors in front of the car as you see here

Step 7: Front Steering

build exactly TWO (2) of these, symmetrical. it is step by step and if followed, it should get right

Step 8: Front Suspension

try to get it similar

Step 9: Big N Tricky,rear of the Car

 there are two that means you must have to parts exactly the same but symmetrical. 

Step 10: Rear Suspension

 with or without rubber bands!!

Step 11: Spoiler,wing Thing


Step 12: Last Things

 front wheels,remove from each side a white rod and put a blue rod



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    35 Discussions

    Dude this thing is freakin' awesome!....5 stars for sure! Nice job.

    alright but as i said i ended up cutting the pieces any way but its nice to know that it wasnt just for nothing

    danymw is totaly rite the steps are super easy it took me only like 1 hour to build but the bubble texts can be helpful at times

     i forgot, but i think it was a bad part, not easy to make

    i have remade this buggy and put front and BACK stering now it is even better !!!!!!

    I have taken this buggy of base and have made one f1 with suspension and direction, the problem is that I lack wheels and the photos not to be raised.

     see every step. if you build all parts,you will have the steering wheel, it's not that hard to make