Knex Bullpup Rifle T.A.R 21




About: i like to make knex guns and to play on my xbox 360 and i really like to dance (breakdance)

here is my first bulpup rifle
it is a T.A.R 21 bullprup rifle (that meens that the mag is behind the handle)
i used the dunkis trigger system (slimd it)
i also used a nice cooking system you can easely put it in it don't fall out of the gun and you can easely put it out
i think it's never been used by anybody
i also used a very well rail system i think SK disigned it and i little modded it
some pros and cons
nice sliding trigger (dunkis)
nice rail system
comfy handle
comfy front grip
nice sight
new cooking mechanism
shoots white rods
the ram is a brown/ red rod
i only get around 30 feet

thanks by PiTBuLL892



dark grey:28
light grey:3

3D connectors





blue spacer:2
grey spacer:4
tan clip:6
male ball joint:1
y clip:12

broken parts

see step 3, pic 4

Step 1: Simple Step

please do not say that you can't follow this
make to of those

Step 2: The Handle

follow the pics this can be hard to follow
the next step it's harder to follow to be prepared
i hope it clear enough

Step 3: The Barrel + Trigger Mech

i think this is the hardest step
trigger mech slimd it from the dunkis bullpup rifle

Step 4: The Stock

makin the stck
note the ram use a tan red rod
not a red rod

Step 5: Mag, Sight and Grip

note there is tape on the green rods

Step 6: Add the Last Plate

this is the same plate that you made in step 1

Step 7: Rubberbands

add rubberbands
and your done please rate and comment
don't forgot the sub
thanks for rating



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    Reply 4 years ago

    it really does add a ton of accuracy but the problem is the green rod extends the sides of the clip just enough to cause feed problems when firing more than 5 rounds from the same mag without using a bent mag or something.


    4 years ago

    Thanks so much for this! I love this gun just as a base for a lot of mods... plus it looks absolutely awesome. I built mine completely based off of this, even if it barely looks like a distant cousin of this. has a really heavy pin though, and consequently has a ton of recoil... gets about 60-70 ft range how I have it set up. only downsides to the base gun I can think of are the connection for the stock to the rest of the gun and that it weighs absolutely nothing without mods. Currently I've got mine to he around 6 pounds by filling it out. I'd go as far as to say it is easier to model and usethan the Z31 I think was the name of it, really a sturdy gun in general. I was able to work in a heavier, stronger charging handle add pin, a mad release, a quick load port (ejection port maybe?) on the top of the gun for single shot loads or topping off a connected mag, a larger scope, a safety, and some nice(ish) iron sites. Couldn't do this at all with other guns. Sorry for taking a lot of room for my comment, I really wanted to show just how much you can do with this gun. Amazing work dutchwarlord!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    i don't like it. it doesn't look like the real one. it's a simple bullpup gun with a handle guard. no details !!! look at the stock of the real gun, for instance. also, don't make a sliding trigger for a gun that doesn't actually have a sliding trigger...

    5 replies

    first of all, are you following all my comments as i make them? second, i did say that to knexgurl, and it is true, but this is a bad replica. there's a very big difference between liking a gun to liking a replica attempt for the gun. this is a bad replica and it doesn't have any details to resemble the TAR21, and i should know, because it's my favorite weapon and i shot it the most of all the weapons i shot. besides, anyone could be able to tell that by simply comparing this gun to a picture of a real TAR21. don't be annoying, please.


    I'm not following your comments, I was looking at Knexgurl's acount, then looked at a ''new'' K'nex gun, that was actualy dutchwarlord's pistol so I looked at his acount and I found this. Please don't say I'm being annoying when I was simply asking a question.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    i know this late =p...but do u have the trigger mech for trying to make a bullpup style trigger...and its not going so great...

    8 replies

    You could try using seleziona's trigger mech he used on his pp2000. It works for most bullpup weapons. Just make the trigger part that goes over the top of the weapon longer

    Sorry. On this gun, the ''top part'' is the part with the orange connectors+blue rods+dark grey connectors. It's best seen in the second photo, with the small rubberbands attached to it

    There are no idiot questions, only idiots.

    Anyway: With the top part, I mean the part of the trigger that goes over the gun. (on this tar, it's the orange connector+ dark grey connector part)