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Introduction: Knex Chainsaw Gun V1.3

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Not much has changed since the last version, infact very few changes in total. Maybe two or three at a push.
So this is the not very long awaited gun, but it seems very popular.

Step 1: The Handle and Odd Piece

One bit is the handle.
The other is not but its vital for strength.
I dont yet have a part count.
My head hurts.

Step 2: The Scope

This is a realistic scope.
With a cool pattern.

Step 3: Barrel Part

The barrel.

Step 4: The Body and Barrel

This is a body and barrel
It's the same barrel as the krylov, with the orange connectors modded, but other options are avaliable. I just find it easy to recycle barrels.

Step 5: The Stock

Credit to mykhailo for this stock.
I have used this stock in many guns and have modded it on several occasions.

Step 6: Motor Unit and Chain

This is the last part of the gun.
It takes for ever to load these damned pictures.

Step 7: Firing and Finishing Up

There is a yellow rod that holds the motor stiff.
It's vital to keep the gun sturdy.
Plus this step shows you how to use the gun.

Figure out where the bands go and shit
1 for the ram.
1 for the trigger.



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    i know how to buy that motor.

    Cool, just one problem... Did you noticed the weird position of the iron sigth?

    how mant gears does it use? Also, you might want to post instructions for the other motor, many people don't have that one.

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    then steal there credit(debt) card make a ebay account under false pretenses then make a pay pal account then buy buy buy