Knex Coaster: Barrel Run




Introduction: Knex Coaster: Barrel Run

About: Hi! Im tombuckey. I live in Liverpool, England. I build knex ball machines from my own ideas and also build other peoples knex guns. I have a Youtube account just type in Tombuckey in the search bar and all...

as far as i know this is the first micro knex coaster on this site!! ( wooow go me!! )
i will hopfully be posting instructions soon which will make it the first knex coaster instructable (woow go me !!)
any ways hope you enjoy!!!



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    I don't understand why so many people find it hard to accept that K'Nex is using Micro pieces more than originals nowadays.  There's over 10 million people in the world who build with K'Nex, and if they were all against Micro pieces, they wouldn't be making them.

    Not bad for what you're capable of doing with VV track, though.

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    Why would you want him to post it?

    You can make it by making all of those blue rod boxes and adding track!


    Why not? Why cant I like the way he built his. Plus, I could maybe give ideas if I had it. And that "FAIL" makes you look like a noob. (not to be mean)

    quit being a jerk to him i like it and We have a "be nice" comment policy. Please be positive and constructive with your comments or risk being banned from our site.

    How am I being mean? Is saying the word "Fail" frequently a bad thing?

    to a degree. I'm not personally offended, its just others can be, its a bad habit, and I MIGHT GET MAD if you keep being "stupid". If you don't get what I meant by that, don't take it personally.

    well no but you were saying his coster was a "fail" and that is not very nice.