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Introduction: Knex Colt Revolver

About: working on - getting more knex for the m14 that i am starting and also updating my mg42

Originally a mp412 REX I have now modified it into a colt 1861 navy, but I can change it back to a REX if anyone wants too see that , the model features a cocking level,removable chamber and the drop down bar for priming the cartridges this gun is also quite good for spinning, if anyone wants to see that just ask and ill post a video I'm quite good at it  , by the way this model has an issued copyright under license 24401389 so no borrowing its design unless you have asked , thank you 



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    Could i please have permission for instructions please. If decided not to give me the Instructions the i have no problem but if you do then if will make me very happy as i'am a fan of Revolvers

    Good question, but i dont but i would like to have a good Easy build on the gun

    What happens if somebody copies your design without asking

    instructable on important stuff? (chamber, action, trigger. ect.)

    i have so far nearly built this nut i need pictures of the handle, the hammer, trigger and how the cylinder fits on, i don't suppose you could post this?

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    It's OK but try making the revolver bit more distinguished. I think you should modify Sypran's revolver instead of going out on the design you did to be honest.

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